Cask No. 9.172

Cask No. 9.172  

Quantum endramglement

Speyside, Spey

A subtle opening on cane sugar, cod liver oil, greengage, sunflower oil, light ointments and WD40. Pleasingly vegetal and tomato-like with green banana and under-ripe guava. Also fermenting limes, sweet cereals, heather honey and salted butter with chopped chives. With reduction there's hints of nettle cordial, flambeed banana, light mint, barbecued pineapple, toasted coconut, sea air, stone fruits, stripped twigs, run and coke and fresh linen. The palate is rounded and well-textured. It opens on engine oil, herb-infused wax, thyme, bay leaf, sweet potato wedges, juniper, soy sauce, grapefruit, salt 'n' vinegar crisps and more pineapple. With a splash of water there's charred pears, pomegranate seeds, green olive, lemon jam, quinine, kiwi, gooseberry cordial, hessian, sheep wool and pink peppercorn. Matured for 14 years in a bourbon barrel before transfer to a refill Guyanese rum barrel.

Cask: Refill Guyanese rum barrel
Age: 15 years
Date distilled: March 2004
Alcohol: 56.8%
USA allocation: 60 bottles

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