Cask No. 7.229

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Cask No. 7.229

Big nuts and spice

Speyside, Lossie

A wonderful amalgamation of pine nuts, brazil nuts and walnuts presented oily and thick textures that also suggested olive oil and butter on crumpets. The warming spices of nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon then drew us closer towards sweeter tones that merged toffee and fudge with malt loaf and choux buns. Water delivered more fruity notes with sliced mango and kiwis before floral scents introduced flowerbeds rich in lavender bushes. Herbal elements now flooded the tongue with dried tarragon, sage and peppermint. A nasturtium leaf pepperiness introduced delicate flavours that played with coconut yoghurt before we finished with a lovely aniseed warmth.

Cask: Refill hogshead 
Age: 26 years
Date distilled: May 1993
Alcohol: 49.4%
USA allocation: 66 bottles

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