Cask No. 59.57

Cask No. 59.57

Dancing a duet

Highland, Northern

Rich, aromatic, luscious and fragrant were only a few of the adjectives being tossed around  the room followed swiftly by descriptors of walnut and hazelnut oil, polished antique oak furniture, fig blackberry jam and spicy caramel shortbread. The taste was that of ginger chocolate cookies and balsamic-glazed carrots. With water very ‘liqueur-like’ aromas of Galliano and Chambord were followed by dark chocolate and Tia Maria parfait but now with a medium dry finish of wild herbs such as anise, juniper, rosemary and myrtle. After nine years in an ex-bourbon hogshead we transferred this whisky into a heavy charred new oak hogshead.

Cask: New oak hogshead, heavy char #4+
Age: 10 years
Date distilled: September 2008
Alcohol: 55.1%
USA allocation: 60 bottles

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