Cask No. 42.45

Cask No. 42.45       

Cocktails on a tugboat

Highland, Island

As the tiny tugboat bobbed on the waves we tucked into jam filled biscuits and salted pretzels. Margarita cocktails were being prepared with lemon skin garnish and a salted rim. Periodically puffs of smoke would appear from the engine room, carrying the character of thick grease and soot whilst the decking was engrained with the essence of oyster shells and driftwood. Wafts from a distant beach barbeque carried on the sea air, sweet with caramelised mackerel skin and wood char. Salted peanuts merged with chilli jam for a land loving warmth that edged towards liquorice and aniseed. Finally quince jelly brought a refreshing zest that fused with salted caramel on a finish that embraced dry wood.

Cask: Second-fill barrel
Age: 13 years
Date distilled: March 2005
Alcohol: 62.0%
USA allocation: 60 bottles

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