Cask No. 4.246
Oily & coastal

Cask No. 4.246                         

Rusty claymore washed up on the beach

Highland, Island

Aromas of singed orange peel, Jolly Rancher cinnamon fire hard candy as well as grapefruit and ginger potpourri at first before a rusty iron claymore and a quill bureau made out of reclaimed fir appeared. On the palate it felt like one big aromatherapy treatment inhaling fruity (mango and papaya) as well as floral (heather and lavender) essential oils with a cup of Russian Caravan tea.  Water added maritime characters in the form of sea spray, rock pools and a flinty beach on the nose, whilst to taste now a delicious leftover-lamb sandwich seasoned with flaky salt and roasted for twenty minutes in the oven.

Cask: Refill hogshead
Age: 15 years
Date distilled: September 2002
Alcohol: 57.2%
USA allocation: 60 bottles

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