Cask No. 3.294
Cask No. 3.294 Cask No. 3.294
Lightly peated

Cask No. 3.294                          

Hebredian dreams


We were transported on to the deck of a coal fired steam puffer feeling the cold salty sea breeze across our faces and warming our hands on a mug of Gaelic coffee or mulled wine spiced with cinnamon and cloves. Lunch was served and we enjoyed griddled scallops with smoked, sweet chilli sauce and smoked salmon crabmeat salad. With a drop of water we went ashore on a now beautiful sunny late afternoon at a sandy beach on the western shores of the Outer Hebrides with the machair in full bloom and watched the sunset with sweet, slightly smoky, creamy lavender lobster bisque.

Drinking tip: Desert island dram

Colour: Corn Marigold
Cask: Refill hogshead
Age: 20 years
Date distilled: April 1996
Alcohol: 56.5%
USA allocation: 120 bottles

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