Cask No. 29.206
Cask No. 29.206 Cask No. 29.206

Cask No. 29.206

Popeye at Trafalgar


An unusual nose evoking herbs, soft fruits, slate, lemon juice on oysters and boquerones en vinagre – one panellist imagined the enemy ships burning at Trafalgar (wood, tar, wicker, canons and gunpowder). The palate had black jacks (liquorice and blackcurrant), lavender perfume and herbal hints – a sweet, smoky, salty combo that promised more dirty fun than Adam and Eve in the Fall. The reduced nose was rather masculine – rock-pools, matchboxes, damp woolly jumpers on radiators and dried penguin in Shackleton’s hut. The reduced palate had liquorice, dry ash and olive oil – definitely an eyeball-rolling, bicep-bulging, spinach-guzzling Popeye hero of a dram.

Drinking tip: Would go well with old Popeye cartoons.

Colour: Floodlit oil-rig moon pool
Cask: Refill hogshead
Age: 19 years
Date distilled: November 1996
Alcohol: 49.8%
USA allocation: 120 bottles

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