Cask No. 10.105
Spicy & dry

Cask No. 10.105

Diving into flowerbeds


At first we found ourselves strolling along the old wooden pier in the hot sunshine. Tar covered ropes hung from the thick supports that tethered lobster nets below. The air was thick with sea salt as we sipped lady grey tea. Behind us the sea washed over rock pools and pebbles, however as we turned around we were surprised to find ourselves in a beautiful herb garden with thick hedgerows of blackberries, raspberries and blossoming fruit trees. Beside flowerbeds grew sweet liquorice, fennel, cloves, fresh mint and herbs de Provence. Freshness came from coriander and lime with a gentle spice of black pepper and Chinese five spice.

Drinking tip: Put in the hip flask for a coastal walk.

Colour: Sunshine through a glass of cider
Cask: Second-fill barrel
Age: 11 years
Date distilled: May 2005
Alcohol: 61.7%
USA allocation: 90 bottles

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