At The Scotch Malt Whisky Society we bottle some of the finest rare whisky in the world. Each Society bottling is unique and produced in a limited number, making each bottling incredibly rare. At the Society all our whisky comes from single casks. Each cask produces unique flavours, aromas and taste sensations. Joining the Society gives the adventurous whisky lover the chance to taste rare whisky that once drunk is gone forever.

Each of our single cask whiskies must pass the uncompromising noses of our expert Tasting Panel – a secretive group of independent whisky connoisseurs from all walks of life – before being deemed worthy of an iconic Society green bottle. The selection criteria are simple: quality and interest. All the Tasting Panel’s work is performed with no information on age, origin or cask type, to ensure Society whiskies are always bottled when they are ready, whether young or old, Highland or Lowland, sherry casked or ex-bourbon.

An odd thing about the Society bottle is that we don't mention the distillery – or not in so many words. A number rather than a name denotes each distillery. This is because the curious nature of single cask, single malt whisky means the tastes are often not characteristic of the region it comes from.

All our whiskies are bottled at cask strength and are not subjected to chill filtration or any other interference, so members can enjoy their dram as if it were straight from the cask. The net result is bottlings that often surprise, as well as delight, and which accurately reflect the remarkable variety in the craft of distillation, as well as the infinite complexities of wood, spirit and time, which can only be uncovered in a single cask bottling.

All the whisky you can buy at the Society is rare and limited edition. We are constantly introducing new bottlings to our range and release new casks every month, all available to buy in our online shop. Our monthly Outturn means there is always new whisky to keep your palate entertained.

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Flavour Profiles

A unique trait of the Society bottle is that it doesn’t mention the distillery the whisky is from. Due to the nature of single cask whisky, the region or distillery it comes from is often not the best indication of what it might taste like. The best way to enjoy the whisky is to focus on its flavour. For that reason the Society has developed 12 flavour profiles to help members navigate our monthly Outturn, and find a whisky best suited to them.

Young & Spritely Sweet, Fruity & Mellow Spicy & Sweet Spicy & Dry Deep, Rich & Driend Fruit Old & Dignified Light & Delicate Juicy, Oak, & Vanilla Oily & Coastal Lightly Peated Peated Heavily Peated