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Who is Amanda Victoria?

Amanda Victoria is The Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s Director of Communications in the USA.

Amanda has spent the last decade traveling the world teaching spirits and cocktail education. She’s worked for some of the world's most awarded bars, as well as premium spirits and is a recognized leader in the global spirits industry as the face of elegant drinking.

Amanda’s passion of whisky and spirits are right at home within the Society. Her duties within the Society include leading spirit education, reviewing new Society cask offerings and cultivating unique partnerships on behalf of the SMWS and its members.

Amanda’s signature review-style is inspired by her frequent travels, love for food-pairings and passion about matching a drink with an occasion.

Amanda Victoria has been featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, and the New York Times.

64.65 - Bitter-sweet as lost love

Coming home to apple pie and the smell of wet soil On the nose, honey, toffee and caramel. A sigh in the glass, a sweet and gentle hug, and a very soft landing home from many days on the road. I take a moment to reminisce about the foliage in...

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35.142 – Sweet Treats and Forbidden Pleasures

Oak-tastic! A not too bashful reminder of its American chums, the oak is bold here. On the palate: toasted barrel, spice, toasted almond, and playful alpine herbs. A quick appearance from tarragon on the finish before the oak begs for a dark chocolate cherry tart. You’ll want to stash this bottle for after Thanksgiving dinner....

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26.106 – Say It With Flowers

Pass the cheeseboard! Respectfully complex, this is the lady at the party that’s perhaps hard to approach but once you do, you’ll never forget her. The nose has familiar vanilla and caramel that lets up to a light herbaceous pop that’s both elegant and dynamic. At first sip, a light peat and even more...

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5.48 – A Stave New World

What a beauty. On the nose, I’m transported to the moment where I was gifted my watch, the watchband young and leathery. The soft leather is immediately followed by bright cedar and a whiff of pine; a cool and foggy coastal drive in the far north of California towards the Pacific Northwest, where eucalyptus...

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